Some stats & pix from NZ

Yes, yes, we're late in updating our blog again. We haven't been HAEDing that much because of Eel's wedding in Melbourne, and my subsequent trip to New Zealand. That being the case, we decided to wait until we did a substantial amount of stitching before updating the blog.

Eel's wedding was great, it was small, intimate, and not a lot of fuss. Just my type of wedding. :D I always joke that it'd be so much easier just to elope to Vegas and get married by Elvis rather than have a big wedding! She's the first one of our group to get married, I suppose we'll all start following sooner or later!

After her wedding, I went on an 8 day holiday to New Zealand. It was a wonderful holiday, relaxing isn't exactly the word, we drove over 2000kms in that time! But it was gorgeous scenery all round, some of our highlights were kayaking in the Abel Tasman, glacier trekking, and Milford Sound. There are quite a few more pictures on my blog, this is just a few of the pictures we took.

Obviously, I didn't bring my HAED along for the trip, so I lost out over 2 weeks of stitching time. When I returned, I jumped right into it, unfortunately for me, it was lots of confetti stitches because of the hair. Aren't most peoples' hair just one solid colour?? Anyway, I finally finished my page last Friday, and I decided to take it off the Qsnaps and iron it, and take a nice overview picture.

Eel also bugged me to do a count of my stitches. I've had no idea in the past how much I've done, because in my style of stitching, I overlap several pages at one go. So, on Saturday, I sat down with all the pages around me, a pen and calculator in hand, and started counting. I've roughly done 71,750 and my total for this design is 214,800. That makes it about 33% done. Also, my daily quota is about 130 a day, so if you calculate how many days it's been since we started, as of yesterday, I should have completed 65,130. That means I'm about 50 days ahead of schedule, woohoo! :D


Prize Money Contributions

EeL's Contributions: AUD$471.63 (USD 415.69)

sAe's Contributions: RM$1681.51 (USD 494.56) (updated Apr)

Total Contributions: USD$816.12

(As of October 2009)

Competition Rules

Competition Begins: 1st May 2008
Competition Ends: Chinese New Year 2013

Goal: Complete a HAED design by the time allotted.

Designs chosen are to be of approximately the same sizes. Contestants are free to change their design half way, however it must also be of the similar size to the original design chosen.

Each month, each contestant will deposit USD$20 into a separate bank account.

Every fortnight, each contestant has to update this blog with updated progress pictures.

Prize Money:

If only one contestant completes her design by the deadline, she gets the total amount of money saved by both contestants.

If neither designs are complete, the entire sum of money is to be donated to a charity that is agreed upon by both contestants.

If both complete it on time, the money is divided in the following manner:

60% of the total goes to the contestant who completes* her design first within the deadline.

40% of the total goes to the contestant who completes* her design last within the deadline.

* For EeL, completion means full completion. For Sae, completion for the 60% winner total is 210,400 stitches, with the remainder stitches to be completed by the deadline.