Goodbye HAED, hello Melbourne and New Zealand!

Well, this is going to be my last HAED update for the month, I'll be on the way to the airport in about 4 hours, off to Melbourne for Eel's wedding. Then in a few days time, to New Zealand for a week's holiday, then back to Melbourne again. I'm definitely not bringing my HAED with me, I can't imagine ever bringing it on holiday, it's so bulky!

I've been trying to do one day's extra work each week so that I wouldn't fall behind my schedule when I left for my holiday. I'm not sure whether I've covered enough days or not, but at this point in time, I don't really care! I'm coming to the main part of the picture, which means less background, and less blocky areas for me to stitch. It's really obvious in my picture below, just how non-blocky it is!

I've been kind of freaking out about the New Zealand trip. Eel HAD to pick this time of year to get married, which happens to be winter in New Zealand. Apparently, the road to one of the places I was planning to visit has been closed for 12 days due to avalanches! Plus driving during winter is going to be scary, we have to rent snow chains, and I have no idea how to even use snow chains. I hardly drive much in Malaysia, so it'll be interesting to see how it goes in New Zealand. Thankfully, we drive on the same side of the road, so it shouldn't be too much of a change. I suppose I'll be delegating most of the driving to the other half, and I'll be navigating for the most part. :D

Only 1 1/2 more hours till I get to go home, and finish my packing! See you all in about a month. Bye!


Prize Money Contributions

EeL's Contributions: AUD$471.63 (USD 415.69)

sAe's Contributions: RM$1681.51 (USD 494.56) (updated Apr)

Total Contributions: USD$816.12

(As of October 2009)

Competition Rules

Competition Begins: 1st May 2008
Competition Ends: Chinese New Year 2013

Goal: Complete a HAED design by the time allotted.

Designs chosen are to be of approximately the same sizes. Contestants are free to change their design half way, however it must also be of the similar size to the original design chosen.

Each month, each contestant will deposit USD$20 into a separate bank account.

Every fortnight, each contestant has to update this blog with updated progress pictures.

Prize Money:

If only one contestant completes her design by the deadline, she gets the total amount of money saved by both contestants.

If neither designs are complete, the entire sum of money is to be donated to a charity that is agreed upon by both contestants.

If both complete it on time, the money is divided in the following manner:

60% of the total goes to the contestant who completes* her design first within the deadline.

40% of the total goes to the contestant who completes* her design last within the deadline.

* For EeL, completion means full completion. For Sae, completion for the 60% winner total is 210,400 stitches, with the remainder stitches to be completed by the deadline.