Late, late, late!

Most surprisingly, I'm later to publish our update this week compared to Eel. Well, I did remember, but I was too lazy to take a picture of my HAED. And yesterday, when I tried to blog, for some reason, Blogger was hanging, so I decided to put it off till today.

It's been a really lazy week for me, it's only Thursday (my HAED week starts on a Monday), and I've already missed out HAEDing on two days. I don't know why, but by the time dinner and all finishes, it's 10, and I'm feeling sleepy already! Added to that the fact that I've recently started wrapping all the new books that I buy to prevent dog ears, and there are piles and piles of books to wrap!

So, here's my progress as of two days ago.

It's looking really patchy now, I seem to have misplaced the thread for the hole on the left, and the middle parts have lots of one stitches, which I'm putting off for as long as I can.

I too, have been watching stuff while I stitch. What else is there to do? Audio books don't appeal to me at all, so that leaves me with TV. I just purchased the full set of Sherlock Holmes DVDs from Amazon.

I love mysteries, from Agatha Christie, to Sherlock Holmes, to chick lit mysteries. I suppose it began when I was young, from reading Enid Blyton's Five Find-Outers & Dog series. There's just something about the whole investigative process that appeals to me, finding all the clues and discovering who the culprit is. So, when Amazon had a 75% discount on this boxset, I bought it.

I've watched the first disc so far, and I really like it. I wasn't too sure I would at first, so I watched an episode on YouTube. It's so different, because the episode on YouTube was chopped up into 5 - 6 parts, but it gave me the general idea about the show. One disc down, 15 more to go!


Prize Money Contributions

EeL's Contributions: AUD$471.63 (USD 415.69)

sAe's Contributions: RM$1681.51 (USD 494.56) (updated Apr)

Total Contributions: USD$816.12

(As of October 2009)

Competition Rules

Competition Begins: 1st May 2008
Competition Ends: Chinese New Year 2013

Goal: Complete a HAED design by the time allotted.

Designs chosen are to be of approximately the same sizes. Contestants are free to change their design half way, however it must also be of the similar size to the original design chosen.

Each month, each contestant will deposit USD$20 into a separate bank account.

Every fortnight, each contestant has to update this blog with updated progress pictures.

Prize Money:

If only one contestant completes her design by the deadline, she gets the total amount of money saved by both contestants.

If neither designs are complete, the entire sum of money is to be donated to a charity that is agreed upon by both contestants.

If both complete it on time, the money is divided in the following manner:

60% of the total goes to the contestant who completes* her design first within the deadline.

40% of the total goes to the contestant who completes* her design last within the deadline.

* For EeL, completion means full completion. For Sae, completion for the 60% winner total is 210,400 stitches, with the remainder stitches to be completed by the deadline.