Super Long Hiatus

Its been months since our last post and probably the same amount of time since I've done completed my quota consistently. I've been really neglecting my HAED and hiding from Sae because I don't want to face up to the fact that I'm lagging behind so much haha.

This week however, I'm finally back to my daily quota. Just need to keep that up for the next 2 years *sigh*

Here's my progress pics which sadly won't be much different from my last I imagine:

I haven't been completely without needle though. For our 1st year marriage anniversary (marriage, not wedding; that's in another month), I got an iPad! :D I'm completely attached to my iPad now and decided it needed a case so I could carry it all around. Being a cheapskate, I decided to make my own. And here's the result:

Its not as well-made as I'd like it to be but it was a good lesson for me and I shall make another one soon rectifying all the problems that happened in this first one. It took me ages cos it was all hand-sewn. If I had a sewing machine, this would have taken me a day I reckon. 

Now that I'm free of my guilty HAED conscience, I can stop hiding from Sae. ;)


Prize Money Contributions

EeL's Contributions: AUD$471.63 (USD 415.69)

sAe's Contributions: RM$1681.51 (USD 494.56) (updated Apr)

Total Contributions: USD$816.12

(As of October 2009)

Competition Rules

Competition Begins: 1st May 2008
Competition Ends: Chinese New Year 2013

Goal: Complete a HAED design by the time allotted.

Designs chosen are to be of approximately the same sizes. Contestants are free to change their design half way, however it must also be of the similar size to the original design chosen.

Each month, each contestant will deposit USD$20 into a separate bank account.

Every fortnight, each contestant has to update this blog with updated progress pictures.

Prize Money:

If only one contestant completes her design by the deadline, she gets the total amount of money saved by both contestants.

If neither designs are complete, the entire sum of money is to be donated to a charity that is agreed upon by both contestants.

If both complete it on time, the money is divided in the following manner:

60% of the total goes to the contestant who completes* her design first within the deadline.

40% of the total goes to the contestant who completes* her design last within the deadline.

* For EeL, completion means full completion. For Sae, completion for the 60% winner total is 210,400 stitches, with the remainder stitches to be completed by the deadline.